sensuous  感覚的な

September 5, 2015 =========
☆ sensuous  感覚的な
Something that is “sensuous” gives pleasure to the mind or body through the five senses. Do you live a sensuous life? Most of us are too busy and stressed to really enjoy all the sensuous things in our everyday lives. Young kids on the other hand live really sensuous lives. They use their whole body and all of their senses to experience life. Can you picture a young child exploring something new? They are excited, right? They are using all their senses to experience the new thing: seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and/or smelling it.
Most adults no longer do this, but we can get back that ability to connect with our sensuous selves. Start by using all your senses to experience the worlds around you. Become aware of the input from your senses. Just by increasing your awareness of the information coming in through your five senses you can reconnect with yourself and start to build a passionate, sensuous life. Sounds good to me!