fellow-feeling 仲間意識

August 28, 2015 =========
☆ fellow-feeling 仲間意識
Have you heard of this word? It is the sympathy and friendship that exists between people who have shared similar experiences or difficulties. For example, as you know I like running and taking part in long-distance events, and so I have a fellow-feeling with many of my running friends that is something that only we understand. My family doesn’t have this fellow-feeling because they just think I am crazy for running such long distances! Ha ha.
A fellow-feeling doesn’t have to be based on a positive event. It could be based on a negative experience that you shared with someone. For example, you and your coworkers might share a fellow-feeling about your boss who isn’t very nice! Is there anyone you share a fellow-feeling with? What experience or situation led to that fellow-feeling?