cool さめた

August 23, 2015 =========
☆ cool さめた
Cool can have a few very different meanings in English. The common usage among young people is that “cool” means something that is really good or really fashionable. For example, “He was trying to be cool and trendy.” Or “I love your new car, it’s really cool.” This is an informal use, and as I said, mostly used by young people… although I still use it a lot! Ha ha.
Another meaning is purely about the temperature, as in cool, cold, colder.
And then there is today’s meaning which is used to describe a person whose behavior is unfriendly and unenthusiastic. For example, “I didn’t like him, he was too cool and aloof.” Or “I put forward an idea at the meeting but it met with a cool response.” In other words, no one at the meeting really like my idea.
Can you use cool in a sentence? Or try three sentences, one for each of the meanings I mentioned!