gregarious 社交的な

August 22, 2015 =========
☆ gregarious 社交的な
When I was looking at my dictionary to find out more about this word, I found something that I did not know. When we talk about gregarious people we mean that they are sociable and like being with other people. What I didn’t know is that we also talk about animals and plants as being gregarious!
A gregarious animal is one that lives in a large group, a flock, or a loosely organized community. Of course I know that certain species live in flocks or groups, however I didn’t know that we then describe them as a “gregarious species.” It’s nice to know that animals can be gregarious too, I think!
As for plants, when they grow close together in clusters or groups, they are known as gregarious. A good example is trees. When trees grow naturally in the wild, not being planted by humans, they are usually gregarious plants and grow in groups, close together. Neat!