incompatible 気が合わない

August 18, 2015 =========
☆ incompatible 気が合わない
Of course this word can be used to describe personal relationships, but can you imagine another time when it is used? This word is used to describe computer systems that cannot work together, for example a Mac program is incompatible with a Windows system. This is easy and straightforward, right?
However, when you are talking about people, saying that they are “incompatible” is quite strong. For example, if someone asked you why you don’t want to go out with them and you said, “Because we’re (totally) incompatible” it would be a very strong way to say “I don’t like you.” When you are incompatible with someone you are different in important ways and so it is unlikely that you will ever become compatible. Whereas if you say, “I don’t like you.” although this sounds very unfriendly, the other person might think they can change your mind!