unfriendly 無愛想な

August 19, 2015 =========
☆ unfriendly 無愛想な
Just like yesterday’s word, you can also use today’s word to talk about something other than people and animals. Can you guess what else can be described as “unfriendly”? An organization or company! Yes, you can talk about a business and describe it as unfriendly. Here are some examples of “unfriendly” in use.
People always complain that big banks are unfriendly and unhelpful.
I’ve tried calling the help desk but that company is very unfriendly.
And for people or animals:
She is always so unfriendly to me but I don’t know why.
He spoke in a loud, unfriendly voice.
I’ve never met an unfriendly dog but most cats are unfriendly to me.
Can you use “unfriendly” in a sentence?