envy 嫉妬する

July 24, 2015 =========
☆ envy 嫉妬する
Sometimes even native speakers misuse this word. It’s easy to confuse it with jealousy, which as a verb is “be jealous of” or “feel jealous”. You envy someone if they have what you want, however you feel jealous if you think someone is trying to take what you have.
When you talk about envying something you need two people, you and another person, for example, “I really envy his new car.” To feel jealous you usually need three people, you and two others. For example, you, your partner, and someone who is flirting with your partner.
Here are some examples:
She envied her friend for getting a pay rise.
He felt jealous when his girlfriend was talking to his best friend.
I really envy her long hair.
I’m so jealous that she gets to work with him!
Can you see that it is often a thing that you envy and a person that you feel jealous of? Can you use envy – as a verb – in a sentence?