discourage ~ from ~をがっかりさせる

July 23, 2015 =========
☆ discourage ~ from ~をがっかりさせる
So, you this is a good chance to test your English! You might have noticed that there is a slight difference in the meaning of the English word and the translation… if you “discourage someone from” doing something, you tell them it’s best not to do that thing. For example, “I discouraged him from quitting his job.” But I think that the translation is more like making someone feel discouraged or disappointing them. What do you think? Is this the translation you would choose for today’s word?
Sorry for this miss – sometimes a word slips through… Even with my check, then the editor’s check, then the double check and then a final check, sometimes a translation that isn’t quite right can slip through. But luckily you have my emails, so you know that I will let you know if this has happened. 🙂
And we’ve just finished the 2016 version (with some exciting changes!) so I can 100% guarantee that there are no translations misses. Well, ok, 99.9%….. so you’ll just have to keep checking this mini mail each day. 😉