propose 提案する

July 25, 2015 =========
☆ propose 提案する
If you propose something, it means that you suggest the idea or plan for people to think about and decide upon. Other words that mean the same thing are “suggest” or “put forward.”
The government proposed changes to the pension system be made before the end of the year.
John proposed that we take a year off work to travel around Europe.
There are two other common uses of the verb “propose” but they have very different meanings! Firstly, you can “propose a toast” meaning that you ask people to drink a toast to someone. For example, “The bride’s father proposed a toast to the bride and groom.”
The second meaning is to “propose to someone”, in this case, you are asking them to marry you. For example, “He proposed to her on Christmas day.” In this sentence you could also say, He asked her to marry him on Christmas day.” As you can see though, this one is a little confusing, is he asking her to have the wedding on Christmas day, or did he propose on Christmas day? So, in this case, using “propose” can make the meaning a lot clearer.