bounce back 回復する

July 22, 2015 =========
☆ bounce back 回復する
The other day I talked about Mary Engliebert and her greeting card artwork. She also had one that was appropriate for someone in a bad situation which they need to bounce back from. When you bounce back from something you “recover” from that bad experience.
The greeting card is a picture of a young woman and her cute cat pointing the way forward and it simply says, “Yeah. That happened. Now, move on.”
That’s really the best way to bounce back, don’t you think? Take some time to grieve or feel sad or bad about whatever happened, and then accept that it happened and move on.
Do you know any other ways to bounce back from a negative experience? What would you recommend to a friend? Would you consider buying them a greeting card like this one?*yeah%20that%20happened*