guts 根性

July 9, 2015 =========
☆ guts 根性
The word “gut” refers to the organs inside a person or animal, basically the stomach and the intestines. However, as you can see from today’s word, this is not the only way to use the word, “gut”. It is often used in idioms, and is used in everyday conversation to mean “courage” or “will” to do something. If you say that someone has guts, you mean that they have the courage to do something that is difficult or might have unpleasant results. “It took a lot of guts to talk to my boss about a pay rise!”
You can also have a “gut feeling” which is a feeling based on instinct or emotions, rather than logic. “What is your gut reaction to the situation?”
If you “bust a gut” it means you work very hard to achieve something. “He busts a gut for 16 hours a day at work, and then sleeps all weekend!”
If you “hate someone’s guts” it means that you dislike them intensely. “I can’t stand her, we hate each other’s guts.”
And finally, if you “spill your guts” it means that you tell someone something that was secret or private. “She spilled her guts about the divorce.”
Have you heard “gut” used in any of these ways?