liveliness 生き生きした

July 10, 2015  =========
☆ liveliness 生き生きした 
When we add the suffix, “ness” to an adjective, it forms an abstract noun describing quality and state. So for today’s word, the original adjective is “lively” meaning that someone is energetic. By adding “ness”, we create a noun meaning that someone has a lot of energy.
There are a few “ness” nouns, do you know any? How about these adjective and noun pairs:
dark – darkness
The mornings are dark in winter. Winter mornings are filled with darkness.
good – goodness
He is a good person. If you look around there is goodness everywhere.
kind – kindness
She is so kind. I thanked her for her kindness.
Here are some others, can you use them in a sentence?
lively – liveliness
happy – happiness
weak – weakness
aware – awareness.