imitate まねをする

July 2, 2015 =========
☆ imitate まねをする
Continuing from yesterday’s theme, if you know someone who says that English comes naturally for them why not try to imitate them? You could learn some body language or gestures from them that would make you feel more confident too. Or maybe they have a few key phrases that they always use that you could also use.
Imitating your favorite actress or actor (pick someone the same sex as you) can also help improve your English, and your confidence for English. You can really increase your confidence, just by imitating the body language of confident people. Or the voice level and intonation. One thing I always find is that nervous English speakers tend to speak quietly, whereas confidence speakers use a big voice – not loud, but they are easy to hear. Today’s task: Think of someone whose English you like and try to imitate them.