come naturally  自然にできる

July 1, 2015  =========
☆ come naturally  自然にできる
Does English come naturally to you? You might think that’s a silly question, naturally, “Japanese” would come naturally to you, but not English, right? However, I have actually met many Japanese people for whom English came naturally. A key part of my seminars is sitting down and writing about our experience with English, and most people have a negative story, but some people always say to me, “I love English, I’ve always enjoyed it – even at high school.”
But let’s just say that you’re not one of those people, and English doesn’t come naturally for you… can you imagine what it would feel like if English DID come naturally for you? How would it feel? How would you look? How would you speak? What would be different if English did come naturally for you? If you can create an image of yourself as someone for whom English comes naturally, you can use this image to build your confidence – use it as image training before you need to speak or use English.