discovery 発見

May 22, 2015 =========
☆ discovery 発見
A discovery can be something that is new to you, or something that is new to the world. Something new to the world would be something like a new species of insect, or perhaps someone has found new evidence for or against global warming. In these cases, the word we use is discovery. “Scientists have made an amazing discovery.” Or “This discovery could lead to major changes in our lifestyle.”
On a more personal level, it is still OK to use the word “discovery” even though it is kind of a “big” word. For example, if you travel in Japan and stumble upon a temple you have never heard of then for you that would be a wonderful discovery. Or if you like to eat out, then you could refer to the new delicious restaurant that you found as a “wonderful discovery.”
Have you made a discovery recently? What was it?