lesson 教訓

May 20, 2015 =========
☆ lesson 教訓
In English, we use the words “lesson” or “moral” to describe the message that we want people to learn from a story or an event. For example, a teacher at school will often read a story and then ask the children, “What is the lesson here?” or “What is the moral of the story?”
We also talk about “learning a lesson” when we have had a bad experience in the past and we have learned to either not do it or to do something differently. For example, “I learned my lesson when I was a teenager and now I never share gossip.” Or “She was driving and using her phone and crashed her car. Nobody was hurt but I hope she’s learned her lesson now.”
We also talk about “learning a lesson the hard way” which is when we learn from our own bad experience rather than the experience of others. Have you ever learned a lesson the hard way?