impact 影響

March 20, 2015 =========
☆ impact 影響
Have you ever heard of Zig Ziglar? He was a motivational speaker and writer in the US (he died aged 86 in 2012). I have some of his CDs on goal setting and motivation, and he has had a big impact on my life even though we never met. He has a funny quote about the impact that just one minute can have on your life. He says that if you think that one minute is not a long time, then you have never been waiting outside the toilet!
There are seven people in my family, and when I was growing up, we only had one toilet… so getting to the toilet before everyone else was a big priority – for everyone, not just me! Ha ha! So when I heard this quote about “just one minute” being a long time, and time that can really impact your life and day, it really resonated with me. 🙂
Are there any quotes or things that you have heard that made an impact on you or your life?