moving  感動的な

February 28, 2015 =========
☆ moving  感動的な
This is another one of those adjectives with the “ing” suffix like “accepting”, however “moving” is more commonly used than “accepting” so you should find it in your dictionary. Something that is moving makes you feel emotions strongly. Most commonly, if something is moving, it will make you feel strong feelings of sadness, pity, or sympathy, but it can also be an emotion such as “inspiring”.
I read a moving memoir last month about a young girl with anorexia.
Have you seen the movie, Boyhood? Wow, it was so moving!
During the disaster it was very moving to see how much strangers helped each other.
There are many moving stories about the event.
Is there anything in your life that you would describe as moving? What is it? A book you’ve read? A movie you’ve seen? What was moving about it?
Bye, see you next month!