edgy  先鋭的な

February 27, 2015 =========
☆ edgy  先鋭的な
The word edgy has a formal and informal use. When we use it in the informal way, we are usually talking about things like fashion, music, ideas, and style and so on. These “edgy” things tend to challenge the social norm, trend-setting and often provocative. The word comes from the adjective “cutting edge” meaning that something in the scientific/technological/artistic world is the newest or more advanced.
“I love her fashion sense, it is really edgy!”
“The new album contains a lot of edgy music.”
“The edgy interior blends classic colors with modern bold stripes.”
The more formal use of “edgy” is to describe someone as tense or nervous, or anxious. “He was feeling edgy and restless.”
“I felt edgy seeing him again after all the time that had passed.”
“She seemed so edgy when I asked about her plans.”
Have you heard “edgy” used in either of these ways?