range  範囲

February 4, 2015 =========
☆ range  範囲
Yesterday was “setsubun” right? That means the end of winter for you in Japan, and the end of summer for me in Australia?! No!! It can’t be the end of summer already, I’m still wearing a jacket and jeans most days! That’s not summer!
When I was younger, I loved summer, it was the best time of year. After living in Japan, however, I really learned to appreciate the range of temperatures and the range of seasons. So when I returned to live in Australia, I was excited to experience the range of seasons here, too. Unfortunately though, because of climate change or something, we still have four seasons, but summer is not as wonderfully hot as I remember it being when I was younger…
Have the seasons changed in Japan, too? Do you think the range of temperatures are changing? If so, are they changing for the better or for worse?