pattern  模様

February 5, 2015 =========
☆ pattern  模様
A “pattern” is an arrangement of lines or shapes, or a design in which the same shape is repeated regularly over a surface. I love noticing all the patterns that occur in nature.
When I was living in Tokyo, I did a photography course, and day one was all about finding patterns in nature. There are five things to look for when composing a photograph; pattern, lines, symmetry, texture and depth of field. Because it is hard to remember all these things at once, we focused on finding patterns in nature.
We spent the day wandering around Tokyo and Yokohama looking for patterns – there are so many! There are even patterns in our language – midday is “noon” in English, and the next suburb from where I live is “glenelg”… these are fun patterns to notice too, where words are spelled the same backwards and forwards.
Take a look around and see if you can find any interesting patterns today – in nature or manmade.