scent  香り

February 2, 2015 =========
☆ scent  香り
The quote for this week is by Donatella Versace, “Scent is very important.” Do you agree? I have a friend who wears perfume every day, it is one of her “non negotiable” things. She says that no matter what, she will always where some kind of scent or perfume every day. Her other non negotiable include things like washing the dishes every night, and doing a weekly review to create a To Do list for the week ahead.
Do you have anything that you consider to be a “non negotiable”, in other words, something that you do no matter what. What is it? (Ooh, I hope you said, “reading this mini mail!”) And why is it non negotiable? It might be non negotiable because like wearing a scent, it makes you feel good, or it could be non negotiable because like washing the dishes it makes like easier in the morning. So, what’s yours?