warm to  好きになる

February 1, 2015  =========
☆ warm to  好きになる
Wait!! It’s February already?! What happened to January? I guess I’d better warm to the idea that time is passes more quickly as I get older!!
When you warm to a person or an idea, you like the idea or person more and more. It might take a long time to warm to something or someone, or it could happen during the first meeting you have with the person. Or you could warm to an idea while someone is talking to you about it for the first time. The key is that you didn’t really like the idea or person at first, but gradually, you change your mind. For example,
Once I got to know him, I warmed to his openness and honesty.
As I listened to our boss speak so passionately, I warmed to the idea he was proposing.
What ideas are you warming to at the moment?