quit  やめる

January 31, 2015 =========
☆ quit  やめる
Oh my goodness, is it really the end of January already!? As I have said too many times before, “time flies!”
Did you set goals back at the beginning of the year / beginning of this month for the year ahead? Are you still working on them or did you quit? Most people quit too early, they give up or even just forget about the goals that they had.
If you have quit or haven’t worked on your goals for a few weeks, why not take this time now, to review the goals you had at the beginning of the year – and then you can decide if you really do want to quit working on those goals or maybe you are inspired to start working on them again… and if you didn’t set any goals, then you could take a few minutes now to think a little bit about the goals you’d like to achieve for English this year.
See you next month!