charming 魅力的な

December 11, 2014 =========
☆ charming 魅力的な
You can use “charming” to describe someone or something that is pleasant or attractive. For example, a place or area might be “charming”: “We visited a charming little village on our tour.” Or people: “He is a charming young man.”
Interestingly, you can use “charming” just on its own, to indicate disapproval when someone has been rude to you. In this case, you would use an exclamation mark (if you were writing) or use your intonation to indicate that you were not happy. “Charming!”
Teenage: This dinner tastes dreadful, mom!
Mom: Oh, charming! (An annoyed mother, who might then say something like, “You can cook your own dinner next time!)
A: Glad I don’t work with you!
B: Charming!
In the above situation, if A and B are friends, then this conversation would probably be said in joking tones. If they are not friends, and A’s comment was said in a negative way, then B’s response of “Charming!” would be a good way to disapprove of their rudeness.