earnest 熱心な

December 9, 2014 =========
☆ earnest 熱心な
Today’s word can be use in two ways – firstly to mean “seriously” and secondly to mean “sincere.”
When we use it to mean “seriously” it is usually used with “in”, so the word becomes “in earnest”.
We will begin training for the marathon in earnest tomorrow!
We can finally start negotiating in earnest about the issues.
When we use it to mean “sincere” it is usually to describe people who are serious and sincere about what they are doing or saying because they think their beliefs or actions are important.
She was a very earnest woman.
Despite his earnest efforts, he didn’t win the campaign.
We made an earnest attempt to reconcile.
Although this is not a commonly used word, it is still good to know. If you struggle to remember it, then some other similar words would be serious, sincere, and enthusiastic.