dedicated 献身的な

December 8, 2014 =========
☆ dedicated 献身的な
Today is Monday, so everyone in my house has to get up early to go to work or school. However, yesterday was Sunday, and since we had no plans, I was planning to sleep in… But!!! Our neighbor decided to practice piano at 6am!!! Oh my goodness! She is 14 and quite a good player – and since she is practicing at 6am on a Sunday, she is obviously a very dedicated piano student but wow, don’t you think that 6am is too early?! I do! If it were Monday, it would be OK, because I would already be awake… but not Sunday!
Oh well! At least I got to enjoy a long Sunday! Ha ha. Do you know anyone who is that dedicated to something that they will wake up early and practice? Or they are so dedicated that they practice their chosen sport before and after work or school? Are you a dedicated English learner? Do you study whenever you get a chance or just sometimes – or never?! I think that getting better at something is a lot easier if you are really dedicated. What do you think?