behave 振る舞う

December 2, 2014 =========
☆ behave 振る舞う
Do you use today’s word, “behave”, much? As a mum, I use it a lot in the sentence,
“please behave!” to my kids when I want them to be quiet. In this way, the meaning is
more like “be good”. But there are lots of other ways to use it, and in most cases it
usually means the same as “act”. Here are some examples:
I couldn’t believe he behaved that way. (I couldn’t believe he acted that way.)
Stop behaving like a child! (Stop acting like a child!) (Usually said to someone who is no
longer a child.)
Just behave as you would usually. (In other words, “Just act naturally”, there is no need
to change your behavior in the situation.)
I was so impressed with how maturely he behaved. (Used in a situation where a young
person is behaving well/maturely, even though it is not expected of them.)
Can you make a sentence using “behave”?