reorganize 立て直す

December 3, 2014 =========
☆ reorganize 立て直す
December is usually such a busy month that it might seem impossible to take time to
reorganize, but this is usually the time when I need to reorganize most! People are
giving us Christmas gifts and it is the end of the school year (in Australia). Both of these
things mean that a lot of “stuff” is coming into my house – but nothing is going out. My
house is feeling full already and it’s only December 3. Oh dear! Where am I going to put
all the Christmas presents my kids will get from family?!
Actually, based on that, the idea of the Japanese custom of “Otoshidama” is actually a
good idea – money doesn’t take up any space, no need to reorganize anything to fit
more things in!
Is December a good time for you to reorganize your life or your house? If not, when do
you prefer to do this kind of reorganizing work?