select 選択する

December 1, 2014 =========
☆ select 選択する
Hello! Can you believe it is already December? For Australians, it is the first day of
summer, and it’s a beautiful day! It’s only going to be about 25 degrees today, but that’s
a nice start to summer. How about where you are in Japan, is it getting cold and
wintery? I hope you’re not too cold!
If you could select one season to live in all year round, would you? I love summer and if
someone had asked me this question when I was younger I would have selected
summer. However, now, I don’t think I could select just one – I would happily select
three – spring, summer and autumn. I’d be quite happy without winter. 🙂
How about you – do you have a favorite season? Could you select just one season to
live in? My Canadian friend is currently living in Hawaii, her family selected Hawaii over
other places to live because they wanted a warm climate all year round. But the other
day, she told me that it’s already “so cold!!” – it was going to be 20 degrees that day. Ha