recruit  採用する

November 28, 2014 =========
☆ recruit  採用する
This is an easy word, right? There is the huge company in Japan called Recruit, right? So this is not a new word, and although Recruit does many different things now, their original service was about helping companies find people to employ, in other words, they helped companies recruit staff on either a part time, full time or temporary basis.
It doesn’t always have to be used when talking about recruiting people for paid work, either. You can recruit volunteers, too.
And, when used as a noun, this word, “recruit” refers to the person who has just joined an organization or company, or an army. We refer to that person as being a “new recruit”. I think in Japanese katakana, you have the word, “new face” however, we don’t really use this in English, instead, as I just mentioned we call them a “new recruit” or “new guy/girl.”