conceive  思いつく

November 27, 2014 =========
☆ conceive  思いつく
Have you ever heard of Napoleon Hill? He is quite famous, and he wrote the book, “Think and Grow Rich.” One of his most famous quotes is, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.” Have you ever heard that saying?
You can see a video of Napoleon Hill, talking about the idea that “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

The video is very old, and he speaks quite quickly… but if you’d like a challenge take a listen! It’s about 7 minutes long.
One interesting thing that I found was that Bruce Lee said something very similar, “Faith makes it possible to achieve that which man’s mind can conceive and believe.”
Both Bruce Lee and Napoleon Hill also say that if you can conceive it you can achieve it, even if you have failed in the past. The reason for that is because you failed in the past because you didn’t know how to you use your mind best so that you could achieve the results you wanted.
What are the results you want to achieve in your English? Do you believe you can do it? Do you have faith that you can? If so, both Nap Hill and Bruce Lee (and me too!) say you can do it, so go for it!