tender 優しい

November 20, 2014 =========
☆ tender 優しい
If you say that someone is tender, it means you think that they are kind, gentle, and caring. I’m sure you all know the Elvis song, “Love me Tender”… in other words he wants you to love him and be kind and gentle to him. Do you know any other songs with “tender” in them?
Interestingly, there are a few songs with the same title: Tender is the Night. The first one is by Tony Bennet on his album “I left my heart in San Francisco” released in 1962. The second was by Jackson Browne released in 1983. And the third one was by Blur released in 1998. Do you know any of these? I love the Blur song, Tender is the Night, but I must admit I’m not familiar with the other two songs by Tony Bennett or Jackson Browne…
But, speaking of Tony Bennett, he released an album last September, with Lady Gaga! Incredible! There must be something about music that keeps people young, he’s 88 this year, and still singing and producing music. 52 years since he released the “I left my heart in San Francisco” album…Amazing!