eager  熱望している

November 19, 2014 =========
☆ eager  熱望している
If you are eager to do or have something, you want to do it or have it very much. For example, “She was eager to talk to him about her plans.” Or “He was eager to get married and settle down.” In this meaning, other words you can use are keen or enthusiastic.
You can also look or sound eager. In this case you are expecting something interesting or enjoyable to happen. For example, “The little boy had an eager look on his face.” Or “She sounded eager to hear more.” In this case, the meaning is similar to “impatient” or “cannot wait” (because you are too excited.)
There is also a great idiom using “eager”. Do you know it? It’s the word, “eager beaver.” Can you imagine what it means? You know the animal, beaver, right? They work hard all the time making their dams, right? Well someone who is an eager beaver is like that. Someone who is an eager beaver is hardworking and enthusiastic. Some people might think they are a little too eager, but generally being an eager beaver is a positive thing.
My new coworker is a real eager beaver, first to arrive and last to leave!
The sale starts tomorrow morning, but she’s already lining up! Such an eager beaver!
Have you ever been described as an eager beaver? Do you know anyone who you would call an eager beaver?