graceful  上品な

November 21, 2014 =========
☆ graceful  上品な
Did you know that the opposite of “graceful” is “graceless”? I did not know that!! Of course, it’s obvious, right? Because when we add “-ful” or “-less” to words we change the meaning. With “-less” the new word means that the thing does not have that quality, so the original word, “grace”, when we add –less it becomes “graceless”, meaning that the thing is unattractive or not charming in any way. When we add “-ful” it means that the thing has that quality; so in this case, “full” of grace.
Naturally, I know that the opposite of “graceful” is “graceless” but the thing is, I’ve never heard that word used! I wonder if that’s because I’ve never come across anything graceless in my life… I doubt it, it’s probably just not a common word, and people use other words such as unattractive, clumsy, or impolite.
Here are some example sentences, using both graceful and graceless.
The old castle had high graceful ceilings.
She was a graceful dancer.
He was always charming and graceful in public.
It was a huge, graceless house.
She was a graceless dancer.
He had a graceless manner, and was disliked by a lot of people.