familiar  親しみのある

November 17, 2014 =========
☆ familiar  親しみのある
If someone or something is familiar, you recognize them because you have seen, heard, or experienced them before. For example, if you hear a song that you can’t quite remember, it’s common to say, “It sounds familiar, but I don’t remember the name.”
In fact, “familiar” is a word we often use when we don’t remember something, such as someone’s name. If you ever get embarrassed asking people to tell you their name again, here is the perfect sentence for you: “I’m sorry, you look familiar, and I’m sure we have met, but I cannot remember your name.” And if you say it this way, then they can be friendly and reply comfortably with their name, or they might even tell you that you haven’t met before!
In fact, I have had that problem recently! When I was at the supermarket, there was a woman who was so familiar, I was sure I knew her. So I smiled and said hello. She smiled back but she didn’t seem to know me… so I just kept on shopping. Later I realized who she was; she was the librarian at my library!! Ha ha, so she looked familiar to me, because I only ever see her, but she sees so many people come into the library, of course I didn’t look familiar to her! Ha ha.
Have you ever been in that situation where someone looked familiar, but you didn’t know who they were?