reaction  反応

November 16, 2014 =========
☆ reaction  反応
A “reaction” is your response, answer, or reply. Here are some examples sentences:
He was surprised by her reaction to his news.
There were mixed reactions to the company’s new policy.
She tried to gauge his reaction. (Ooh! Look there’s that pesky word, “gauge” too!)
We also talk about having a “reaction against something” which is a way of behaving or doing something that is deliberately different from what is usually done. For example:
When he was old enough to drive, he was often out late at night. It was probably a reaction against the rules set by his strict parents.
Also, there is the noun, “chain reaction” which has two meanings. Firstly, it means a series of chemical changes, and each change causes the next change to happen. The second meaning is a series of events, and one event causes the next. For example:
His yawn set of a chain reaction and soon everyone was yawning!
When the CEO suddenly quit, a chain reaction was set in motion, leading to the poor economic situation the company is facing now.
Can you use “reaction”, “reaction against” or “chain reaction” in a sentence?