absent-minded  ぼんやりして

November 1, 2014  =========
☆ absent-minded  ぼんやりして
Hello! Welcome to November. Is it getting colder where you live? Since it’s almost summer, we are finally having some lovely warm days. Yippee 🙂 But the summer days can make me a bit absent-minded, for example, I need to go to the bank or the post office, so I’ll take my dogs for a walk and plan to do my errands on the walk, but then forget as I’m enjoying the sunshine so much! Oh dear!
Absent-minded basically means forgetful. It is made up of two words, “absent” and “minded”. Absent in this case means inattentive, distracted, not paying attention. “-minded” is a combination word that combines with adjectives to form words describing someone’s character. Do you know any other words using “-minded”? Here are some
fair-minded – someone who always tries to be fair and reasonable.
strong-minded – someone who is determined, and not easily influenced by other people.
bloody-minded – someone is being deliberately difficult, or causing trouble for you.
like-minded – someone has similar opinions, ideas, or interests to you.
There are more, do you know any others?