breezy  (性格が)陽気な

October 31, 2014 =========
☆ breezy  (性格が)陽気な
Happy Halloween!
I like to have a mix of content in these mini mails. Sometimes purely English learning. Sometimes stories from my experiences or books I’ve read. And sometimes just silly things that I hope will make you laugh – and at the same time see English used in a natural, breezy way. Of course, I hope you don’t find the mails too breezy! In this case, I mean “breezy” as in too “casual.”
When we talk about someone being breezy, we mean that their personality is casual, cheerful and confident.
He had a bright and breezy personality.
She tried to sound breezy but she was quite upset.
Journalists use “breezy” to describe music, clothing and these kinds of things. In this case it means that the thing is bright, lively, and cheerful.
The band’s new CD is bright, breezy and innovative.
The fashions for the coming season are breezy and colorful.
Breezy is also used to describe the weather. In this case, it means that the weather is pleasant but there is a strong wind blowing. The perfect way to describe this spring weather we’re having in Australia. The day is breezy and warm.
How’s the weather where you are?
See you next month!