sweet 優しい

October 30, 2014 =========
☆ sweet 優しい
There are so many things that you can describe using the adjective, “sweet”. What can you think of?
Here are some common ways to use it. Today’s meaning – as in kind, pleasant or generous.
He was such a sweet man.
How sweet of you to think of me.
You can use it in a slang, informal way to mean that something is attractive in a simple or unsophisticated way.
The house was really sweet.
My sweet little baby girl.
In written English such as novels and journalism, sweet is used to mean that something gives you great pleasure and satisfaction. Have you ever heard of the saying, “revenge is sweet”? Obviously this is a very different meaning than today’s sweet, but it is a very common saying.
You can describe a sound as sweet, meaning that it is pleasant, smooth, and gentle.
The sweet sounds of Mozart.
Her voice was soft and sweet when she sang.
Do you know any other ways to use “sweet” as an adjective?