stability  安定

October 14, 2014 =========
☆ stability  安定
In English, we replace “able” at the end of an adjective to create a noun. Nouns made in this way refer to the state or quality described by the original adjective. In other words adding the suffix “ability” to stable means we can form “stability”, which is the “state of being stable.” For example, “We are worried about the political stability of the region.” In other words, we are worried about whether the region has a stable political system or not.
Do you know any other words using the “ability” suffix? Here are some commonly used ones:
desirable – desirability
They debated whether the new rule was desirable or not. / They debated the desirability of the new rule.
acceptable – acceptability
Divorce is becoming more socially acceptable. / The social acceptability of divorce is increasing.
available – availability
I’m worried about how easily available guns are in the US. / I’m worried about the easy availability of guns in the US.
variable – variability
The climate is very variable. / There is a lot of variability in the climate.
As you can see, you can say the sentence using either the noun or the adjective – you just need to be careful of your grammar.