aspire  熱望する

October 11, 2014 =========
☆ aspire  熱望する
When you aspire to something, you have a strong desire to achieve that thing. We usually use this word when talking about an important job, such as becoming the president! “Bill Clinton aspired to be president from a young age.” You can also use it with things like weight loss. “She assured her client aspiring to lose weight that it can be done.”
When I was a kid I aspired to be a detective! My favorite TV shows were shows like the CSI programs and detective programs. I even had my own “detective agency” and would often use talc powder and sticky tape to take fingerprints! Ha ha!
Of course, I’m not a detective, and never have been! I’m not sure if I still aspire to be a detective … I don’t think I’d be emotionally strong enough to deal with all the horrible things you’d have to see every day!
How about you – what did you aspire to be as a kid? Can you remember? Are you doing that? If not, do you still aspire to be that? If so, what could you do today to try and be closer to what you aspire to be?