manipulate  操る

October 10, 2014  =========
☆ manipulate  操る
Manipulate can have both a positive and negative meaning. The negative meaning, like today’s word is to influence others for your own benefit, by bribing or controlling them in some way. My kids manipulate me all the time! To get snacks, to stay up late, to buy things they really, really, really “need”! I try not to let them, but they are very good at it! Ha ha. 🙂
One interesting thing I have seen recently is businesses manipulating customers. Something that happened last year was a few running events that pretend to be “charity runs”. The web pages were designed to manipulate the customer into thinking that the expensive entry fee that you pay would go to charity. Later, after the event, the company apologized, but still kept the money! They made a very nice profit, because even their “staff” were volunteers who believed that the run was for charity. Oh well! I guess all businesses try to manipulate their customers in some way – we just have to be smarter, right?
Another meaning, which is more positive, means to work or operate something that requires skill. “The technology allowed the paralyzed man to manipulate a computer.”
And one more usage, if someone is manipulating your bones or muscles, they are moving and pressing your body with their hands to release stiffness and tension, for example in a massage.