resolution  決意

September 26, 2014 =========
☆ resolution  決意
If you make a resolution, you decide to try very hard to do something. A resolution is the determination to do or not do something. For example, “I made a resolution to lose all the weight I gained over the Christmas holidays!” You probably already know this word, because of the famous phrase of “New Year’s Resolutions”.
There are other uses though, do you know of any?
A resolution is also a formal decision taken at a meeting, by voting. For example, “The UN passed two major resolutions during the meeting.” Or “The politician put forward their draft of the resolution for the situation.”
The word also has a formal use, the “resolution of a problem”, which is the final solving of that problem. For example, “We are trying to find a peaceful resolution to the crisis.”
And, finally, there is a technical use of the word, which is when you are talking about how clear an image is. For example a photograph or a photocopy. “This machine can give us such high resolution that we can see all the tiny details.”