instruction  指示

September 25, 2014 =========
☆ instruction  指示
Today’s word has three different meanings. The first one is something that someone tells you to do.
I was given instructions to meet you at 10am.
The nurse followed the doctors instructions.
My parents gave me instructions to be home by midnight.
A more formal use of the word is similar to teaching. If someone gives you instruction in a subject or a skill, they teach it to you.
All staff will be given instruction in safety. (Everyone will learn/will be taught the safety procedures)
The government wants all elementary students to receive religious instruction. (The government to have “religion” as a subject at elementary school.)
I’m going to get further instruction from a tutor. (I’m going to get help/more teaching from a tutor.)
The third meaning is similar to “directions”. Instructions are clear and detailed information on how to do something.
This web page gives instructions for making your own shampoo!
This leaflet has instructions for enrolling in a course at the college.
Read the instructions before you try to assemble it!
Can you use “instruction” in a sentence in one – or all three! – of these ways?