thoughts  意見

September 27, 2014 =========
☆ thoughts  意見
Today let’s learn some word compounds, using “thoughts”. Do you know any? The two most common ones are “second thought(s)” and “thought-provoking”.
If something is “thought-provoking” it contains interesting ideas that make people think seriously. For example, “It was an entertaining, yet thought-provoking film.” Note, this word is singular – thought, not thoughts.
“Second thought” and “second thoughts” are actually two different words!
If you do something “without a second-thought”, you do it without thinking carefully, because you don’t have much time, or you don’t really care about it. “He didn’t give a second thought to not calling his girlfriend before going out with friends.” Or “She didn’t give a second thought to borrowing money from her father.”
If you “have second thoughts” about something, it means that you are having doubts about whether it was the best decision. This is commonly used by people who have decided to get married and then start to worry that they are making a mistake! “I’m having second thoughts and I’m not really sure that I want to get married!” Or “I never had second thoughts about my decision to quit my job and work for myself.”
Can you use either of these words in a sentence?