option  選択

September 22, 2014 =========
☆ option  選択
The title for this month is “The only way out of a problem is through it.” And of course, when you have a problem, knowing your options can really help. Sometimes we’re so focused on the problem though, it is hard to actually see what our options are right?
There is a fantastic kids’ storybook which is called, “We’re Going On a Bear Hunt.” Do you know it? The family is hunting a bear, and they keep coming to problems, such as muddy waters and dark forest. And they repeat the same options:
“We can’t go over it,
We can’t go under it,
We’ve got to go through it!”
These are the options that they repeat throughout the bear hunt, no matter what problem they come across. This is a book that I think all (all British and Australian) kids read in kindergarten. It’s fun and repetitive, so it’s also great for learning English.
So you might not think so, but for learning English, children’s books are definitely an option! If you’re a beginner, look for books aimed at 4-5 year olds, such as this bear hunt book. They are repetitive and introduce new vocabulary. If you are confident, then you have more options and you could try reading books in the “Young Adult” genre.
If you’d like to see the author, “singing” (reading?!) his book, here is a fun YouTube link.