outcome 結果

September 8, 2014 =========
☆ outcome  結果
The outcome is the result or situation that exists at the end of an activity or process. For example;
He was pleased with the outcome.
It is too early to know the outcome of the surgery.
It was a successful outcome for everyone.
No matter what she decided to do, the outcome would be the same.
I was anxious to hear the outcome, so I called him last night to find out.
You can also use “outcome” when talking about sport, for example, “our team won 2-1, a winning outcome for us!” Honestly though, “result” is less formal than “outcome” so I would use “result” when talking about sport. “What was the result?” or “our team won 2-1, a winning result for us!” And when talking about more formal matters, such as business projects, or information from doctor’s tests, then “outcome” is more appropriate.
Usually your dictionary won’t tell you about this difference in usage of similar words, but one way you can find out for yourself is to look at the example sentences, this will give you an idea of what context you should use the word in – formal or informal, for example.