process  (情報などを)処理する

September 7, 2014 =========
☆ process  (情報などを)処理する
Today’s word is often used as a noun (meaning a series of actions taken to achieve a particular result.) However, it can also be used as a verb, in a few different ways.
Today’s meaning is to process information. We put information through a system in order to deal with it. For example, when the city office puts your information into the computer system so that they can use it for various reasons, you would say that they are “processing my information.” Sometimes the information is processed without the help of humans, for example, “the information gathered by the space stations will be processed by computers.”
One more way to talk about processing information is when we process information in our brain in order to understand it. For example, when someone has suffered a loss that they cannot understand, such as the death of a child or partner, we might say, “it will take time to process this information.” Or a doctor telling a patient that they have cancer, might say, “I’ll give you time to process this information.” meaning that they will give the patient some time to think about their life and everything before deciding what to do next.