tackle  立ち向かう

September 6, 2014 =========
☆ tackle  立ち向かう
I don’t use this word very often in terms of problems. I use it a lot in sport, since my sons play soccer, so in that case, “tackle” is used to mean that one person is trying to take the ball away from the other person.
But in this case, we’re talking about tackling a difficult problem, in other words dealing with it in a determined and efficient way. I like this usage! I think I will try to use it more often. For example, I have a short list of “To Dos” for today, and one of them looks kind of tough, so maybe “I’ll tackle that now and get it over with!” or even, “I tackle that later – after I’ve had my morning coffee!”
Here are some other example sentences:
The doctors tackled the problems in order to save more patients.
The firemen returned to tackle the blaze.
Shall we tackle this agenda now while we’re all here?
Can you create a sentence using “tackle”?